5 Best AI SEO Tools in 2024


The importance of ranking highly in the SERPs in the contemporary context of the digital environment cannot be overemphasised for organic website traffic and for success online. This is where AI driven tools for SEO come into play. These advanced tools incorporate artificial intelligence to aid your SEO campaign and offer insights regarding your competitors’ strategies and audience engagement. However, given the many AI SEO tools in the market, it can take a lot of guessing to determine which one fits best.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 7 contenders in 2024, highlighting their strengths and functionalities to help you find the perfect fit for your needs:

1. Surfer SEO:

One potential advantage of Surfer SEO is that it takes into account many factors of SEO needs simultaneously. This feature scrutinizes competitor content, determines valuable keywords, and gives in-depth content briefs that will help you write better content. Here’s what makes Surfer shine:

  • Content Audit: Learn what content opportunities exist in terms of adjusting your keyword targeting and focusing more on the kind of users who will engage your content.
  • SERP Analysis: See key insights into the competitors’ contents and their ranking factors, with the aim of using the information to create perfect content.
  • On-Page Optimization: In addition to allowing users to search with keywords, it has features such as keyword density, readability score, and internal link suggestion that aids the creation of website contents that can rank perfectly on search engines.
  • Content Editor: feedback section of this tool should provide real-time response as the content is being written, in order to check that it matches industry standards and key term focus.
  • Integration: This lovely tool sits perfectly well with Google Search Console and other solutions that make SEO much easier.

2. Semrush Copilot AI

Conclusively, Copilot AI can be considered as a worthy supplement to Semrush, if you already use this tool. It integrates with Semrush’s database and provides specific tips and insights on the same interface you currently use.

  • Technical SEO Audit: Check out technical SEO problems which may affect the website and heat maps for web design.
  • On-Page Optimization: Get a keyword targeting-, content-, and internal linking suggestion that applies to your specific blog in particular.
  • Backlink Analysis: Learn more about your competitors ‘backlinks and discover strong link building prospects angles.

It is also worth noting that Copilot AI is an extra tool added to the primary Semrush service, and getting the most out of it is only possible with a more expensive subscription to the service, which may be unaffordable for representatives of small businesses.

3. . RankIQ

While many SEO tools and strategies are available, RankIQ mainly deals with topic clustering, which is a powerful tool. This is done through the integration of numerous content elements where each element contains information that, when put together, covers the need-to-know about that one topic. Here’s how RankIQ empowers your topic cluster strategy:Here’s how RankIQ empowers your topic cluster strategy:

  • Topic Cluster Builder: For creating a focused content plan with respect to a main topic, one needs to establish various subtopics and keywords.
  • Content Gap Analysis: Learn how to identify opportunities to develop new content, which could augment your topic cluster and better meet user demand.
  • SERP Competitive Analysis: Investigate the topic cluster by analyzing the content that competitors have published and pointing out potential distinctive opportunities.
  • Content Optimization: Get tips on how to effectively use the keywords, how to structure your content, and how to link internally to make the topic cluster more robust.

RankIQ, as a tool, can be very helpful if your SEO revolves around topic clusters as a way to build a solid foundation.

4. Jasper

Although it is not designed specifically for SEO use only, Jasper also known as Jarvis, has highly effective tools for an artificial intelligence writer that would be very helpful on creating content. Here’s how Jasper can elevate your SEO efforts:Here’s how Jasper can elevate your SEO efforts:

  • Long-Form Content Creation: Create website content like blog posts, articles, and landing pages with an emphasis on keyword selection and user intent.
  • Content Improvement: Add common seeking staff to websites and blogs, also, help refine existing content by correcting grammar or making it more clear / SEO keyword friendly.
  • Idea Generation: Fight the writer’s block with the help of sophisticated technologies which help define contemporary themes and structural framework for writing.
  • Jasper is fabulous at generating content, but it does not include high-level SEO details and competitors’ analysis tools. Although it is not perfect in creating unique content and optimizing it for SEO, the application is useful for content writers and marketers.

5. Frase

The English adverb Fraser underlines that his company that is taking the content first approach to SEO following the ‘stripe’ of the content matching the intent of users. Here’s what sets Frase apart:

  • Content Brief Builder: Prepare content specs that encompass the main idea of your content to make sure that your content will not miss on any of the key areas of discussion. 
  • AI-powered Outline Generation: Receive a structured outline based on competitor content and user search queries.
  • Content Optimization: Optimize your content for readability, user engagement, and relevant keywords.
  • Competitor Research: Uncover the content strategies of your top competitors and identify opportunities to create better content.

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